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Nevada Disabled American Veterans honor area employers

The Disabled American Veterans is one of the leading veterans service organizations in the state and the nation. Each year the Nevada DAV honors local employers that establish programs that reach out to veterans and seek to hire them for responsible jobs.

Despite budget cuts, recruiter says National Guard is still hiring

Although cutbacks in the nation’s military services will be an issue that will have to be considered by officers and enlisted personnel alike, recruiting new members will still be a part of the government’s responsibility. Whichever branch, whichever service, full-time or part-time, the beat goes on.

Local groups are ready to assist veterans

There are at least six Congressionally chartered veterans organizations in Southern Nevada that offer no-cost consultation and filing for veterans benefits, and yet there are still many individuals who say they are unable to get help or locate...

Veteran makes a living portraying Willie Nelson

Among other things, iconic country music star Willie Nelson is known for his songs as well as for his lifestyle, not to mention his signature pigtails and, some might say, his recognizable, understated and distinctive vocals. Las Vegas is also known...

VA puts focus on helping female veterans

Last month was when Americans across the nation celebrated Memorial Day, paying tribute to men and women who defended our freedom and are no longer with us. Because of that holiday, there were many groups that honored veterans and numerous news...

VFW works to gain and retain members

Nevada is home to numerous large and small veterans service organizations. All such groups are continuously seeking new members and in many cases work to set legislative priorities that will support their efforts to help veterans and their families...

Veterans who suffer from PTSD now eligible for Purple Heart

Until recently, soldiers were presented with a Purple Heart medal as an acknowledgement of physical wounds received in action. In the last several years, discussions were had to allow granting a Purple Heart to those who suffer from PTSD. This was not taken lightly by many veterans, who felt the medal should be given only to those who suffer physical wounds.