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Head a bit north and check out Mesquite in October

If you have ever driven to Utah from Las Vegas, your route was by way of Mesquite. Most of us just bypass the town, little realizing there are good reasons to stop at least a few hours. Mesquite has preserved many of its historic buildings and much of its small-town charm.

Rim-to-rim canyon hike a peak experience

Of all the ways one could see the Grand Canyon, one of the very best is to hike across it, rim to rim. It is a tough physical hike, and the logistics are complicated, as you need to get camping permits in advance and arrange transportation from the destination rim back to the trailhead where you presumably left your vehicle.

Sequoia National Park a must-see in high summer

If you have a few days and dollars this summer to invest, you can get much for your money and time at Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks in California. In these adjacent and jointly managed parks about six hours from Las Vegas, you can wander among the largest trees on earth, hike some of the 850 miles of maintained trail, swim in cool snow-fed mountain streams, and maybe see a black bear or three.

Quiet Black Canyon river trip awaits

People come from throughout the world to visit Black Canyon, the 12-mile gorge of the Colorado River running downstream from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach, Ariz. Yet, even though it is practically in our backyards, many Southern Nevadans have not even heard of it, let alone cruised its waters.

Beat the heat at Arizona Hot Springs

With the temperatures warming up, it's almost time to wrap up the spring hiking season in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. With that in mind, you might want to sneak in one more low-elevation trail before it becomes unbearably hot and unsafe to do so.

Try a slew of snowy thrills at Brian Head

While Brian Head, Utah, is best known for its downhill skiing and snowboarding, a slew of other adventures await those who make their way there. In less than a four-hour drive from Las Vegas, you can be at 9,000 feet doing just about anything that...

Nearby town of Chloride gives a glance back in time

The last echo of a mining boom died long ago in this old village in Northern Arizona, yet it's no ghost town, still boasting roughly 250 residents. But it's not your stereotypical small town either, for individualism runs rampant, and there's even some important public art here.

Bird haven can be a human haven any time of year

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1963 to provide a wintering habitat for migratory birds including a large variety of waterfowl. "Pahranagat" is a Paiute word meaning "valley of shining water." The refuge encompasses about 5,380 acres of lakes, cattail marshes, wet meadows, riparian habitats and even desert uplands.

Ash Meadows sure to leave the senses sated

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge serves at least two important functions: Preserving rare creatures and plants, and preserving the sanity of urban visitors by surrounding them with the beauty of green wetlands, glimpses of small fish darting through natural pools, and the sound of birdsong.