Agassi PIX: Steve and Elaine, Andre and Steffi, Elton, Rob Thomas and wife, Mraz and Jennifer Hudson

Celebrities buzzed the red carpet at Saturday's Agassi Foundation concert. Yet it was Steve Wynn walking onto the carpet with his girlfriend, while Elaine Wynn was still on the carpet, that had onlookers wondering, "How is this going to turn out now?" It turned out fine.

First, here's Elaine and daughter, both looking pretty great. (All these photos by Denise Truscello/Wire Image.)

And here's Steve with his crew.

Anyway, next are the big stars who hosted and performed — enthusiastic Agassi and happy wife Steffi Graf, Elton John, Rob Thomas with wife Marisol, Jason Mraz, Jennifer Hudson singing with Agassi Prep grad A.J. Green, Carrot Top (now that he's lost 25 pounds of muscle on purpose), David Foster, and Terry Fator with girlfriend Taylor Makakoa.

I never realized how ridiculously beautiful Jennifer Hudson was until she showed up at Agassi. That face is something else when it's right in front of you. And her voice -- a powerhouse.

On the red carpet, Elaine said of Andre: "He’s like one of my children. I’ve never been prouder of a yong man as I am with him. … He’s a man of integry, and virtue, and purpose, and passion. That’s my kinda guy!"