Bill Maher: Obama is right, how about some weed, Vegas?

Bill Maher is happy President Barack Obama finally said marijuana is no worse than booze. Now he wishes Vegas would follow suit by making it more legally available.

“That’s so typical of Las Vegas,” Maher said. “Yes, you can go 20 minutes outside the city and get a whore. That’s completely legal, but no pot.”

Maher performs standup Saturday-Sunday at the Palms, after filming his Friday HBO hit “Real Time.”

He told me the following hilarious story:

“I remember years ago, in the ’90s being in clubs in Vegas and smoking weed in the back, they’d come over: ‘Sir, you can’t smoke weed here.’

“I’d always say to them, ‘I want the rapper treatment. … You know exactly what I’m talking about. You let the rappers do it because “It’s just their culture.” Well, it’s my culture now. How about that?’ ”

He said rappers always are allowed to light up wherever.

“Snoop Dogg? Well of course. He’ll die without it.”

I told Maher it’s weird when politicians attack marijuana, because marijuana is more popular than them, according to polls.

Maher said Republicans would be smart to jump on the legal-pot bandwagon.

“Pot could be a great issue for Republicans. This could be an issue they could steal because it has everything they love already. It’s about individual rights and small government and taking jobs from Mexicans, everything they have always stood for.

“They could own ‘greed’ and ‘weed.’ ”

Maher also wishes Nevada would legalize gay marriage, already. Gay marriage also is more popular than politicians generally.

“The state that has the ultimate adult playground should have all of it. If Nevada doesn’t have it — I’ll give them another two years — then they need to change their name to North Arizona.”

Maher really has an emotional stake in Nevada, he said, because he loves Vegas so much.

“If I don’t get to Vegas every few months, I kind of feel my toes curling up a little. I feel like it’s what Jerusalem is for religious pilgrims. I have to kind of put my feet in the soil of the good Las Vegas desert to feel completely whole.

“There is just something about somebody like me, who his whole life has been about being an adult — never got married, never had kids — where Vegas just calls to me.

“I wish I was actually there more. But as long as I get there every two or three months, I’m OK.”


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