Bob Saget fondly recalls sleeping with John Stamos in Vegas Hilton

Do you remember the time you partied so hard in Las Vegas, you ended up sleeping with John Stamos? No? Well, Bob Saget remembers waking up with Stamos. He tells the story.

When the two “Full House” friends came to town, Stamos had “suites waiting for him in three different hotels.”

Why three?

“Somehow, he knew people at different places who said, ‘We can get them,’” Saget said.

The night began with Stamos talking Saget into seeing an Elvis impersonator at the Hilton. Saget drank too much.

“Next thing I know, literally so I don’t yak, he’s just cutting up my meat and feeding me. And then,” Saget said, “he takes my shoes off.”

Sadly, the story peters out.

“It was just me and a bed, and him trying to be kind to me, putting cold compresses on my head. We woke up the next day. His first words were, I feel like a piece of …”

Saget and I went down memory lane because Las Vegas is on his agenda.

Thursday features yet another all-star charity event: “Cool Comedy — Hot Cuisine” stars Saget, Jay Leno, Ben Folds plus dinner made by “Top Cheffers” Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken and Rick Moonen.

Like all charity shows, you can buy a sponsored table for a lot of money ($2,500 to $15,000), or one seat at a floor-table ($500), or a balcony seat ($150). It’s at the House of Blues. The money goes to the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

It’s a personal cause for Saget.

“I’ve been giving 25 years of my life to this thing. My sister died 20 years ago of scleroderma. It’s a hardening of the skin. It went systemic on her,” Saget said. “It’s a disease where you get hardening of the skin. Your skin turns really hard. Your fingernails rescind. Your esophagus deteriorates.”

In America, some 300,000 people have scleroderma.

Saget said the “amazing” organization, Scleroderma Research Foundation, is behind Thursday’s event. And a pharmaceutical company has developed at least one pill for some treatment.

“They’re really making progress that I didn’t think I’d see in my lifetime. It does make me a little sad in retrospect that my sister might be alive today (if she had had better medicine),” he said.

Tickets for Thursday are at SRFCure.org. If you buy the cheapest $150 ticket for the balcony, you don’t get the table meals, but you get two free drinks, a snack box and a copy of Saget’s new well-reviewed memoir, “Dirty Daddy.”

“It’s a good book. It’s about comedy, and death, and my testicles,” Saget said.

He joked that it’s nice to get good reviews for a change.

“My mother used to say, ‘Oh, Bobby, you are your worst critic.’ And then I’d say, ‘No I’m not — read this stuff.’ ”


I went to check out Encore Beach Club on Friday to see whether it’s still crazy despite all the competing dayclubs, and yep, crazy. It was DJ Morgan Page’s birthday. If you want to see the entertaining video from my mobile phone, check out the link at the bottom of this column online.


Jennifer Tilly, the great actress and card player, went to see “Absinthe” over the weekend, and she dropped some of her big poker chips. Like really big.

Very quickly, one employee found her $1,000 chip. The next day, show usher Brandon Ho found her $5,000 chip.

I mean. Come on.

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