Comic fumes over delays for pot dispensaries

Because local politicians have dragged their feet to allow legal marijuana dispensaries to open, I turned to all-American weed authority Ron White for his thoughts on Las Vegas’ pot status.

This was on the phone. I asked The Mirage star if he was baked.

“No, I’m not baked. I am smoking a really nice cigar. I’m on the back porch of my house in Montecito, Calif., where the people are so rich, the only time they laugh is when somebody who (screwed) them over in the past dies.”

He said he is happy Colorado and Washington states legalized pot for recreational use. He just can’t believe they beat Nevada to the punch.

“I really thought Vegas should be the first one to legalize it, because it endorses that (motto): Come party in our town.”

White has a friend, comedian Josh Blue, who smokes weed medicinally for cerebral palsy. Someone such as Blue needs more dispensaries available because of long lines he has to stand in to buy his medicine.

“I talked to him after it went legal” in Colorado, White said. “He said he was out there on his (cerebral palsy) leg, standing there trying to get weed.”

In Colorado, voters overwhelmingly passed the law, and their marijuana mandate got more votes than political candidates earned.

In other words, a weed that grows wild in the ground is more popular than the politicians who stake their careers on demonizing it.

President Barack Obama only recently said weed is no worse than alcohol, possibly because a Gallup poll shows 58 percent of Americans want weed to be legal for recreational use, not just medicinally. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., just came out for medical pot.

White thinks Obama owes an apology to California dispensary owners who the feds busted because candidate Obama had stumped on not interfering with legal dispensaries.

“I voted for him. But they kept busting pot stores down here after the people said, ‘This is what we want,’ ” White said.

The Obama administration has backed off of dispensary busts ever since finding out weed got more votes than Obama did in Colorado.

Meanwhile, legal weed has generated tax dollars and lowered crime rates, including in neighborhoods with dispensaries, as opposed to liquor stores, which often raise crime.

If politicians wanted to see for themselves how popular weed is, they could go see White joke about pot Friday-Saturday at The Mirage, where his shows have sold out in that huge theater for several years.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’ve never seen a sitting politician at a Strip show. Are politicians allergic to fun?


The cast of CW’s ghostbusting-brothers show “Supernatural” will entertain fans during the show’s latest convention, returning to Las Vegas March 13-16 at the Rio.

As I said on my blog, some of you are wondering, “Is this TV show really so popular it has its own convention in Vegas where people fly from around the globe just to ogle the sex symbol stars?”

The answer to your question is a resounding “apparently so.”


Comedian and talk show host Tom Green returns to the Hard Rock Hotel to perform Friday-Monday. I have a serious interview with the quirky dude running this Saturday.


Some rockers’ little kids stole the spotlight when “Raiding the Rock Vault” did a media night Tuesday at the LVH with rockers Michael T. Ross, Howard Leese, Carol-Lyn Liddle, Jay Schellen, Andrew Freeman, John Payne, Stephanie Calvert, Robin McAuley, Doug Aldrich and Paul Shortino.

And ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons went to the Hard Rock Hotel’s Ainsworth cocktail sports lounge on Tuesday with friends, and he jumped onstage and sang during karaoke, yes karaoke, night.

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