Daughtry, king of the losers, and I mean that in a nice way

After Chris Daughtry got voted off of “American Idol,” he became “Idol’s” biggest music seller among nonwinners. Then his big hit, “Home,” went on to be used as the goodbye song for other losers who got kicked off the show. Not only that, the NBA played “Home” when teams got tossed from the playoffs.
This means “Home” is like the anthem for losers everywhere, like a “nah-nah-nah-nah” tune for nonwinners around the globe.
So I ran into Daughtry at the Revolution Lounge at Mirage the other day, and I told him that, and congratulations for writing it, and what does he think about being a songwriting king for losers?
“I don’t know,” he chuckled and looked down at his feet. “I’m flattered anytime my songs get used for anything.” I asked him if maybe he could come up with an anthem for winners, but he’s not so sure. “That whole song was I got lucky, sittin’ down with my guitar. You can’t plan to write this or that. That’s when it gets hokey.”
Daughtry and his band of the same name were playing a charity gig to raise money for the One campaign, to help destitute people around the world. A good cause. In fact, he was on “Idol” a week ago, showing footage of the band as they helped starving families in starving far-away lands.
Daughtry was very intent about telling the story of people who don’t even have water to drink. I asked him if he cried when he was there.
“There was a couple tears shed, absolutely. They don’t want you to, though. They don’t cry,” he said. “They’re happy as can be. They’re telling their stories to us. They’re taking care of five kids … and there’s no way of funding it, and she’s out there cooking potatoes just to try to make money to feed her kids.”
So that was nice of him.