Don’t bet on Mariah Carey as Strip’s next star

How much money would Mariah Carey need to relocate to the Vegas Strip, a la Celine Dion? Oh, just a billion-dollar transaction.

Nick Cannon was in Vegas on Thursday, and I asked him what it would take for him and his wife to perform a nightly Mr.-and-Mrs. showroom gig on the Strip.

“I mean, me — it probably wouldn’t take that much. Mariah? Somebody’s gonna have to give her a hotel!” Cannon said.

Cannon is a comedian, so he was joking. I think. Probably.

Cannon was here to host the Variety magazine Breakthrough Awards in the LVH showroom. He also DJ’d around the Strip again while in town.

On the red carpet, I teamed up with People magazine’s Mark Gray and US Weekly’s Mike Doria. Gray asked Cannon how he and Mariah keep their marital flame alive.

“Lots of sex!” Cannon said.

He said their kids are almost 3, they’re reading, and they’re musical. He reads “Goodnight Moon” to them. Which movies does the family watch over and over?

“Every ‘Shrek,’ ” Cannon said. “I know ’em all, back to back.”


Will Forte was a highlight at the Variety awards. Forte, the popular “SNL” alum, turned in one of the most acclaimed acting performances of 2013 in the film “Nebraska.”

The only reason he got the role in that Alexander Payne movie is because his agent sort of, kind of, lied to him.

“My agent said, ‘Oh yeah, Alexander Payne wants you to turn in a tape’ ” to audition for the role, Forte said. “I said, ‘Really?!’ ”

Forte got so excited, he sent an audition tape and won the role. But in fact, his agent was telling him a half-truth/little lie. She did call Payne and ask him if he would look at Forte’s tape. Payne said “yes” but only because he says “yes” to everyone.

“He said ‘yes’ because he will look at any tape — any submission. It can be a cold submission,” from any actor, Forte said.

On the set, Forte wasn’t thinking about how good he might be or how critics might perceive him.

“I didn’t think about any of that,” he said. I just was so focused on trying to not blow it.”


Three big players from “Veronica Mars” accepted an award from Variety because they popularized a populist way for films to be funded.

“Veronica Mars” was one of the great TV shows of the past decade. Movie companies wouldn’t fund a “Veronica” film, so in 2013, the cast and creator Rob Thomas asked for donations on Kickstarter before anyone big did that kind of thing. They raised $5.7 million from 91,585 normal people in the world. The crowd-funded film “Veronica Mars” hits theaters March 14.

At the Variety awards, Thomas and star Kristen Bell strolled happily down the red carpet with castmate Ryan Hansen.

I was the show’s biggest media fan. I would love to write 3,000 words about the show and its best unicorn joke. Alas, that would be dumb. But Bell (awesome in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and other films) told us something I never knew. She has family here.

“I don’t spend a lot of time patrolling the Strip, but I do visit family a lot,” she said.

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