Heart's tell-all book stirs up rock world

Stevie Nicks and John Mellencamp are not pleased with the way they are portrayed in a new tell-all autobiography by the band Heart.

In the book “Kicking & Dreaming,” Heart — performing Friday at Green Valley Ranch — wrote about the time the band tried to keep up with Nicks’ drug appetite while partying in the 1980s.

“Stevie Nicks was really pissed off” about the book, Heart singer Ann Wilson tells me. “She didn’t like being outed as a person who would attend a rock party.”

And Mellencamp wasn’t very happy that the book details this moment: Back when he was opening for Heart with his hit “Jack & Diane,” he told them, “Seeing as your album is a turkey and mine is a hit, care to swap places?”

I tell Wilson that story is striking to me because Mellencamp has always been so nice to me.

“He is a nice guy, and wants to be a nice guy, and wants to make sure everybody else knows he’s a good guy,” Wilson says.

“So when something gets said in a book that frames him as not that nice of a guy, of course it’s going to make him mad. He’s worked on his image a lot since the early ’80s.”

On the other hand, Alex and Eddie Van Halen have no problem with their cameo in the book: The brothers proposed a foursome with Ann and her guitar whiz sister, Nancy, but the sisters turned them down.

“The Van Halen guys thought it was great,” Ann Wilson says and laughs.

She thinks stars upset by the book will get over it.

“All this stuff happened so long ago, it’s almost useless to pick it apart and say, ‘This is too much reality to show in 2013 — this thing that happened in 1986.’ You see how ridiculous it is?”

Wilson says writing the book with co-author Charles R. Cross “was like therapy.” At first, she had reservations about divulging so much. But then she thought, “What the heck, that’s all past, let’s just talk about everything.”

Fan reaction has been fantastic.

“We’re up onstage, and there will be this line of people down the front row, each holding up a book,” she says.

At Friday’s concert, the Wilson sisters will perform their stable of hits (“Barracuda,” “Magic Man,” “These Dreams” and so on), but they also will do acoustic songs they don’t normally perform, she says.

Wilson is fun to talk with. I ask if there’s anything else she would like to tell the world.

“Oh,” she says. “You can tell them that Heart’s the best (expletive, expletive) band you ever heard, and ever will hear — but that’d be a joke, haha, I’m just kidding.”


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