HOLIDAY PHOTOS: Snoop, Jenna and Tito, Eva, Tara, Shaggy and a bikini winner

This is how the stars looked in Vegas this weekend — Snoop Dog, Shaggy, Jenna Jameson back with Tito Ortiz, Tony and Eva Longoria Parker forever, Tara Reid and Cherly Burke in bikinis, Jenny McCarthy as a single lady, Chelsea Handler hanging with Cher, Mark McGrath posing at the pool, some Playmates and — Robert Knight's new art gallery at the Hilton, plus some bikini contest at the Hard Rock. Sorry I'm late with all these Memorial Day weekend photos, but we've all had a little fun these past few days, haven't we?

Ridiculous numero uno: Look at that dumb bling on Snoop's hand as he raps at Caesars' Venus pool party. Sorry, I'm very literal with my observations today. (Courtesy photo by Ron Koch/PURE Management Group)

Cheryl Burke celebrated her birthday at Venetian's Tao Beach. How was she not all sweaty? (Courtesy photo by Denise Truscello/Wire Image)

Well, I guess Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz really are back together, here at the Hard Rock's club Vanity. (Courtesy photo by Hew Burney/Hard Rock Casino and Hotel)

Cher and Chelsea Handler shared the same stage, but back to back and not at the same time, at Caesars. Does this mean Cher walks around backstage in that hair? Is that her casual Saturday? Call me sexist if you want, but if that were Cris Angel in a red wig, I'd be saying the same thing. (Courtesy photo from Cher's reps)

Tony and Eva Longoria Parker lived it up at their own Eve club at CityCenter, infusing the place with their intenseness. (Courtesy photo Denise Truscello/Wire Image)

Chelsea and Jenny McCarthy hung for a bit late at Caesars club Pure. My, how she towers over the other one. (Courtesy photo by Bob Burchess/Pure)

Shaggy performed at Pure. (Courtesy photo by Burchess)

Jenny McCarthy also partied at Tao with Cheryl Burke. Jenny was getting around this weekend. (Courtesy photo by Al Powers)

Tara Reid and Wilmer Valderrama at TAO Beach. (Courtesy photo by Powers)

Lauren Conrad and Frankie Delgado at LAVO. (Courtesy photo by Powers)

Stephanie Pratt did up Tao Beach. (Coutesy photo by Powers)

By the way, the dayclub people did actually get into the pool at Tao Beach. (Coutesy photo by Powers)

Mark McGrath looks way more serious in the face, here at Hard Rock's Rehab pool party, than he normally does. He's a total goofball, in the best possible way. But you know, he's posing with DJ Homicide, so ... cred. (Courtesy photo by Hew Burney/Hard Rock Casino and Hotel)

At Hard Rock, they had a Miss Rehab-type contest in conjunction with Frederick's of Hollywood which is ... the official swimwear of Rehab! HA! What a partnership. So here are some top contestants. (Courtesy photo by Hew Burney/Hard Rock)

And here's the winner, Jamie Wilmot from Livermore, Ca. Whatever will she do with her $20,000 prize money? (Courtesy photo by Burney)

Playmates Kelly Carrington and Sara Jean Underwood wore more clothes than regular stars, at club Eve. (Courtesy photo by David Becker/WireImage)

And a new art shop opened at the Las Vegas Hilton featuring the most excellent works of rock photographer Robert Knight, and his partner Maryanne Bilham. Here he is with Palms chef Kerry Simon. (Courtesy photos by Denise Truscello)

And with Maryanne.