Kelly Ripa — More Kids? 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Will Kelly Ripa ever go on “Dancing With The Stars?” Does she want more kids? You posed these questions. She gives you answers.

(Today Regis and Kelly tape two more Vegas episodes at the Encore Theater. If you want to shoot for standby tickets, get there at least an hour before the 10 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. shows.)

QUESTION: Do Kell, and husband Mark Consuelos want more kids, to add to their collection of three?

ANSWER: “No —unless you’ve heard something else,” she jokes.

The couple was very open to having more kids, but Kelly, 40, says it seems they waited too long after the last one. And their household is in a nice state as it is, she says.

“Life is really civilized. We can go out to eat at restaurants together, and I don’t have to walk a baby around the restaurant and scarf down my food and switch with Mark,” she says. “We’re all dining together. It’s really nice.”

QUESTION: Will Kelly go on “Dancing?”

ANSWER: Nope. She told the crowd at Sunday’s Encore shows that she’s too lazy to go on “Dancing.”

She told me she’s too busy. She and Consuelos run a production company, producing TLC’s “Homemade Millionaire,” in which female inventors get to pitch their inventions on Home Shopping Network.

“We’re very busy with that. And I’ve got three kids!” she tells me. “I just don’t have time for it.”

QUESTION: But if she went on “Dancing,” couldn’t she put to use her skills from hosting “Dance Party USA,” the show she did outside of Jersey years ago, when Kelly’s hair was awesomely mall-esque?

ANSWER: “When I see Snooki and the ‘Jersey Shore’ girls, I’m like, ‘You have no idea.’ Jersey in the early Eighties — that’s when hair actually was your wardrobe,” she says.

QUESTION: Kelly is from Jersey, home of “Jersey Shore” and “The Sopranos” and even the crazy story of “Jersey Boys.” What’s the deal with Jersey, in her opinion?

ANSWER: “Great big personalities come out of Jersey, and I’ll tell ya why. I think it’s got an identity conflict.

“South Jersey and North Jersey are two separate states. They really are. But they’re forced to live together side by side.

“South Jersey identifies itself with Philadelphia. So when you say, ‘Where you from?’ nobody says, ‘I’m from South Jersey.’ They say, ‘I’m from near Philadelphia.’

“And then North Jersey says, ‘I’m from outside of New York.’ It’s got an identity crisis. And in response to that, people have developed very big personalities.

“I loved growing up there. Everything was big, and funny, and bawdy, and amazing.”


Over the years, as a TV critic and columnist at large, I've covered tapings of "Oprah," "The View," Conan O'Brien and other shows, but this one, "Live With Regis & Kelly," is by far the best I’ve seen in person. It’s way more entertaining.

During Sunday’s tapings, the hosts must have talked to at least 40 people in the crowd during commercial breaks, unlike the hosts of other shows who stay to themselves on stage during commercial breaks, or simply aren’t charming.

Unlike other shows, Regis and Kelly's producers didn't spend a half-hour pumping up the crowd before the taping. They did just a few minutes of enthusing the crowd.

And the crowd was fun and not intimidated to chat with Regis and Kelly during commercial breaks.
After Sunday’s tapings, Regis told me Joey Bishop taught him to keep the audience going during commercial breaks. And besides, it's more fun that way.

One more thing: At times, Regis guided Kelly to their next mark by holding her hand, signifying what appears to be genuine friendship and/or mutual respect.