Late But Good PIX: Anna Nicole's Preschooler Recognizes Mommy on TV

Apparently, Dannielynn (Anna Nicole Smith's daughter) is starting preschool and loves SpongeBob. So says Larry Birkhead, who took his daughter Dannielynn to Monday's World Hunger Relief fundraiser at club Eve. Birkhead also said on the red carpet that little Dannielynn can recognize her mommy on TV. So sad.

Also at the fundraiser: Ali Landry, Loely Fisher and husband Chris Duddy, Shar Jackson, Darin Brooks, Brandi Cibrian, Jennifer Bunny, Kane Friessen and Ricardo Laguna. Courtesy photos by Denise Truscello/Wire Image.

Here's Joely Fisher (whose father Eddie just passed away) with Shar:

Here's how Brandi Cibrian looks. After the official divorce this month from Eddie Cibrian (who left her for LeAnn Rimes, who left her husband for Eddie), she wrote on Twitter, "After 13 yrs & 2 beautiful boys, I’ve been successfully blackmailed into signing a divorce settlement that completely screws me! Thanks babe!" Oh well, I'm sure Eddie and LeAnn will be together forever, obviously! That's how things always work out for cheaters.

Here's Ali, pimping some fundraising bags.

And Darin Brooks with Jennifer Bunny: