Marquee nightclub courting LGBT community with 'Freedom' night

One of the Strip’s mega nightclubs has finally created a theme night specifically for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender customers.

Last Sunday, Marquee nightclub in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas became the first mega club on the Strip to offer such a night with the launch of a weekly “Freedom” night.

Programmed for every Sunday, “Freedom” is billed as a lavish party with DJ Nick Ayler, plus performers Josh Strickland (“Peepshow”), Frank Marino (“Divas”), “Mistress of Sensuality” Edie (“Zumanity”), Laura Croft (the Holly Madison TV show), Angel Porrino (“Absinthe”), Reichen Lehmkuhl (the former “Amazing Race” winner and Lance Bass ex), and Mike Munich (singer-dancer with “Glee” and Lady Gaga).

This is a good idea. It’s kind of hard to believe it has taken until 2013 for an LGBT night to take root in a big club on the Strip, especially since Vegas hotels are pretty LGBT-friendly.


Friday night, Marquee’s headliner is the “Joyenergizer” DJ Sander van Doorn.

I was on the phone with van Doorn a few months ago, and we were talking about his native Holland. So I told him Amsterdam is the only city other than Las Vegas I could see myself living in.

“It gets pretty cold in the winter time” in Holland, he warned me. “It’s raining right now. So if you’re used to Las Vegas weather, I’m not sure you want to do it.”

Bummer. I hate the cold and rain.

Van Doorn is a big star now. But just like many DJs, he got his start at raves.

“They weren’t so much illegal, but they had that whole underground feel to it. It was pretty fun to do those gigs,” van Doorn said.

“The turntables were on the desk, and if you didn’t watch out, the whole desk would fall on the ground.”

He saw other rave DJs’ turntables hit the floor a few times.

“It’s pretty funny,” he said. “The great thing is nobody cared. You just get the table up and continue the party. It’s brilliant. Good old times.”


Hakkasan DJ Tiesto is looking for a couple to get married in front of his partying eyes. He offered to officiate with this Facebook post:

“Hey! Which couple wants me to marry them in Las Vegas on August 17th?

“Are you going to be in Vegas that day? Are you ready for Tiesto to perform your marriage ceremony?!?!?”

If you are interested, you must send an email to entry@inthebooth.com by Saturday, and you had better send him a rapt narrative about your relationship to prove your Tiesto-marrying worth.

London’s Guardian newspaper called this a publicity stunt, naturally.

“Tiesto isn’t shy about using cheap tricks,” the Guardian opined. “Earlier this week, the Dutch disc-spinner told fans he will only release a new trance album if they vote for him in DJ Magazine’s best DJ poll — and even then, only if he reaches No 1.”

That is brazen.


Guinness World Records is coming to town to see if a DJ can break two records for fame and charity.

Austrian DJ DC (Rene Brunner) will simultaneously try to make his mark with the “Longest Club DJ Set” and for the longest time a human has stayed awake.

This goes on Sept. 22-Oct. 3 at Henderson’s E-String Grill & Poker Bar, with an auction benefiting St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.

If you’re interested in helping the charity, check out tinyurl.com/ktmr28s .

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