Morgan's persona too hot for Chase

Last month, Chase Bank chased away a potential customer with serious cash — Vegas resident Katie Morgan, the HBO and Logo TV star.

Morgan, 33, got her start in the adult film business. But she gave it up when she crossed over into mainstream film and hosted HBO documentaries. She still co-hosts “That Sex Show” on Logo with a psychologist and a psychic.

Anyway, Morgan went to a Chase branch to open a new account, and this “weird thing” happened when her stage name alerted bankers.

“They had some little talk-talk, and the next thing you know, they wanted all this other paperwork,” Morgan tells me.

Morgan was preparing to get them that paperwork, but bankers dissuaded her.

“We’d have to approve certain types of business,” bankers warned the TV star.

“We went over to US Bank, which was much more friendly,” Morgan says.

So that’s Morgan’s unpaid endorsement: “US Bank. Very friendly. Nonbiased.”

I joked to Morgan: Are you telling me bankers take money from drug dealers and gun-runners, but not from cute little Katie Morgan?

“One assumes that maybe the gun runners and the drug dealers there aren’t so famous,” she joked back.

Morgan’s face is so familiar to so many people, she gets recognized frequently, especially at the airport.

“The TSA loves me. I never get through there without taking a picture or signing an autograph,” she says.

Morgan moved to Vegas in 2006 for tax breaks (“coming from California, it’s such a pay raise”), and because she can raise exotic pets here.

She has a kangaroo at home with husband Jim Jackman. (They met on the set of Kevin Smith’s rom-com “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”)

“Technically, he’s a wallaby, which is the smallest kind of kangaroo there is,” she says. “I have a whole herd of Chihuahuas and a couple of large dogs, and some cats, and a turtle collection, and my cockatoo.

“My kids all have four legs.”

She is a fan of the restaurants Mix, STK and Comme Ca, the Bank nightclub and downtown Vegas.

“We get down to Fremont quite a bit,” she says. “It’s good times. And they have so many shows down there.”

She loves it here, as you can tell on Twitter (@thekatiemorgan).

“Vegas is my town,” she says. “Everybody’s always in a good mood.”

She remains nude at home all day and all night.

“It’s simply too hot to wear clothing,” she says.

From Vegas, she records her podcast, “Having Sex, with Katie Morgan,” which runs on Smith’s Smodcast network.

She rarely hosts events in Vegas. But tonight, she will host at Crazy Horse III strip club. She walks an 11 p.m. carpet.

If you want to be in her upcoming travel show “The Wild Side with Katie Morgan,” she will be there with a full camera crew.

“We’re looking for the best booty in Las Vegas, and it’s $3,000 in prizes,” Morgan says. “I’m looking forward to some fabulous booty. … And there’s a lot of dancer booty too. I love dancer booty.”

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