Oh We Got Video: Pamela Anderson Strips For Money In Front Of a 'WOOD' Sign

Here’s the video I took of Pamela Anderson on Saturday at Planet Hollywood, where — as I wrote in today’s column — she auctioned off her 2000 Dodge Viper for $65,000 and donated all that to PETA. She wouldn’t talk to me immediately afterward, even though I was posing a basic question about PETA, which she allegedly loves but apparently not enough to talk about with me for a front page column. Anywho, at first she blurted, “I like fast talkers. I’m used to it. I hope you guys buy the car. PETA. Auction,” then she said she could roll atop the car like she has before, but she didn’t, because she was just teasing. Then she took off her top and swung it over her head, and you can see that in this video right here, which I went to the trouble of filming just for you, because I know how much you care about THE NEWS. Oh, and the word "WOOD" appears behind her striptease.