PIX: Clothed topless girls, plus 'Here's How Things Look Differently With Carrot Top In Them'

Lorena Peril hosted her first big media night as the new lead singer/emcee in Luxor's topless revue, "Fantasy," on Tuesday night. If you're in the media, and you weren't there, why do you hate boobs? Ha. I shouldn't laugh at my own jokes, but too bad for you.

I'm not the reviewer on the topless beat, so to speak, so bear with me while I say this: I enjoyed it. I've seen "Fantasy" three times in 10 years, and this was the most fluid and well-staged I've seen it. Head honcho and generally nice person Anita Mann made the whole production work.

Lorena told me she was so nervous beforehand, because of the media en masse, people backstage joked they might feed her oxygen. That's odd, because she seemed so relaxed and in command on stage, singing pretty flawlessly, covering songs by Christina Aguilera and, um, other women I can't remember because there were always naked boobs in my face, and it was officially my day off, so I had, um, a drink or two?

Lorena (who portrayed "Christina Aguilera" at another show in town) also had excellent chemistry with the male comic, Sean E. Cooper, who serves as the boob buffer, but he's quite good on his own, too. Then again, he should be. He's been doing "Fantasy" for enough time to "nail it down" by now.

Oh, and "Fantasy" released its official calendar, which was the ostensible reason we media all gathered to see Lorena and then eat free shrimp. Oh, the media eats free shrimp. Oh, and Carrot Top was there. I like Carrot Top. He's super nice. I also laugh, though, when Adam Carolla calls Carrot Top by his last name: Top.

Courtesy photos by Tom Donoghue.

And THE game of 2010: "Here's How Things Look Differently With Carrot Top In Them":