Quentin and Fergie’s mutual birthday party goes Pulp

Quentin Tarantino and Fergie did their double-birthday
bash at the Mirage’s Revolution Thursday night, and as
you can see in our handy-dandy little slide show, he
is very, very tall. Especially for Hollywood, where
stars in person look like the lollipop guild. I never
met Lyndon Johnson, but based on photographic history
of the past, I’m guessing Lyndon and Quentin could’ve
tussled in the tall, broad leagues. Anywho, Darryl
Hannah also showed up. So did Kid Rock in a hat and
cigar. And Cirque du Soleil performers spent a few
days creating a special artistic little show to
perform at Revolution, a musical mash-up of her hit
songs and his movie soundtracks. Then everyone ate
from a big-giant Jean-Philippe cake. There was a pole
there for pole dancing, but I didn’t see Quentin on it.