‘Sharknado 2’ star returns to Vegas’ ‘Chippendales’ at age 50

Plenty of Vegas dancers have been weighed regularly by employers because if they put on a few pounds, they could lose their gigs. That’s brutal. But they’re usually young or young-ish, at least.

Ian Ziering is 50. And starting Thursday, the “Sharknado 2”/“Beverly Hills, 90210” actor becomes the summer guest star in Rio’s “Chippendales.”

His exercise mantra is, “Upper body for show but lower body for go,” he said.

When he performed fatless in 2013’s “Chippendales,” he had lost 30 pounds. This year, he was better maintained and had to lose only eight or 10 pounds.

“Diet is really about 85 percent of it,” he said.

Five days a week, he’s also doing that crazy CrossFit program in the morning, plus weights in the afternoon. Does that sound similar to you dancers and cocktailers on the Strip?

“The most challenging thing is to get enough sleep. That’s really where the body rebuilds itself. If I had any more time, I’d use (more hours) sleeping.”

Ziering is a wealth of information about Ian Ziering, such as:

■ His wife, Erin, exercises on the pole in fitness classes.

“It’s a rigorous, two-hour benefit. And there are some ancillary benefits to that, as well,” he said and laughed like a man.

The Zierings get extra workout-body style points since they keep up with two kids, ages 1 and 3.

■ A promotion for Ziering’s “Chippendales” shows has a funny billing, “No Shirts. No Sharks. Just Skin.” That’s because Ziering starred in summer 2013’s surprise smash cult hit “Sharknado.”

He stars in “Sharknado 2: The Second One” on Syfy on July 30.

“Everywhere I go, everyone’s screaming, ‘Sharknado! Fin! Ian!’ ” he said. (His character is Fin.)

“It’s really lightning in a bottle. It seems like they’ve shaken up the bottle. When they take the top off the bottle on July 30, it’s going to be a global storm, because it’s going to explode!”

■ He expects “Sharknado 2” co-stars Tara Reid, Vivica Fox and Kari Wuhrer to come see him in Vegas.

“They’re all ready for a girl’s night out,” he said. “All the girls from ‘Sharknado’ are going to come see the show for sure.”

(What, no Mark McGrath, Judah Friedlander or Andy Dick from the sequel?)

■ People told Ziering last year the “Chippendales” show was “the best time they’ve had in Vegas.”

“The ticket price is fair for the entertainment. The bang for the buck, so to speak, is huge.”

■ And what else is going on?

“I’m working on a toddler’s clothing line. I’m working on building out an indoor activity play center for kids. I’m pretty much in the Daddy stage now,” he says. “There are all these niches being left unfilled. I think these are great opportunities to capitalize.”


The great actor James Woods was in town Sunday for a World Series of Poker card game but pulled out because he had problems breathing and worried about cardiac arrest. He tweeted Sunday:

“Thanks to the great Rio Hotel staff and superb Las Vegas paramedics, I am resting comfortably with good news so far at the ER.

“Update: seems the incident was not heart related. Possibly food poisoning with sudden onset of virulent symptoms. Great care here in LV.”


The newly reopened Harry Mohney’s Erotica Heritage Museum told the Review-Journal on Monday the museum struck a deal with Gennifer Flowers to display a French maid outfit, torn fishnets and other “kinky” gear she claimed she used with former President Bill Clinton.

The museum had made a million-dollar offer for Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress and 10 years of appearances for the museum, but she hasn’t replied. No word on what they offered Flowers.

Speaking of such things, the Hustler strip club chain has withdrawn it’s $1 million offer to Justin Bieber to celebrate his 21st birthday party in Vegas’ Hustler, because last week video surfaced in which he uttered disgustingly racist things several years ago.

Hustler, which has “staunchly anti-racist views” also issued a lifetime ban on Bieber in Hustler clubs and joined a symbolic petition to have Bieber sent back to his home country, Canada.

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