WEDDING PHOTOS: Musical genius Sinead O'Connor, no longer 'desperate for sex'

Here are your Sinead O'Connor wedding photos on the Vegas Strip, just a few months after she went on her own site and posted requests for dating applications from men who are into "anal." She said she was "desperate for sex." I'm not judging or being provocative. I'm reporting the facts.

So she and her husband Barry Herridge exchanged vows in the back of a pink Caddy in the drive-thru at A Little White Chapel tonight. If you know which hotel they're honeymooning, or if you spot them about, please Tweet it and add my Twitter handle, @VegasAnonymous, and Norm Clarke's, @Norm_Clarke.

And just as a reminder of her mad musical skills, after checking out the photos, go listen to this and this.

Courtesy photos by Erik Kabik/RETNA.

And here's one of my favorite songs of hers from 2000's incredible album "Faith and Courage."