The fact my Mountain West Conference basketball picks have gone from amusing to embarrassing only convinces me having a celebrity guest also predict the outcome of games is a smart move, if only to allow me some company looking stupid.

UNLV basketball beat writer Matt Youmans of the R-J checked in with his thoughts Wednesday and went a disappointing 1-2, bettering only my 0-3 effort.

For Saturday’s games, we’ll go to someone who actually plays the game. Bridget is my 7-year old daughter and a proud member of a Rookies League team called the Irish in the NJB Northwest Chapter.

I’ve asked her to make picks while offering the type of perceptive insight only a true player can:

Utah (plus-5) at UNLV: What the 7-year old thinks: “UNLV because I’ve always thought they were a good team and because they just won their last game.”
Her pick: Rebels.
My pick: Utah.

New Mexico (minus-2.5) at Texas Christian:
What the 7-year old thinks: “Who’s a better team?

Me: “You’re asking me? I’m 4-11 picking these games.”

Her: “I think, um, Texas Christian because I’m a Christian.”

Her pick: TCU.
My pick: New Mexico.
Colorado State (plus-7.5) at Wyoming: What the 7-year old thinks: “Wyoming, because … what’s the color of their uniform?”

Me: “Brown and gold.”

Her: “It reminds me of my Mom’s hair.”

Her pick: Cowboys.
My pick: Cowboys.

San Diego State (plus-7) at Brigham Young: What the 7-year old thinks: “San Diego State because that’s my hometown and I’ve met Coach (Steve) Fisher and he’s nice … Is San Diego State in the pros?”

Her pick: The college Aztecs.
My pick: BYU.

My record: 4-11:
Guest celebrity record: 1-2.