I sat next to a student on the bus ride over to the U.S.-Spain gold medal game. Janna is 20 and studying computers at a local Beijing university.

Like many students I have met the past few weeks, Janna hopes to finish her degree here and then continue her studies in the United States.

She had some pretty interesting thoughts on America:

The main difference she sees between China and the U.S.: "Barbecue. We don’t have much of it. My friends who have been to the United States tell me there is much barbecue."

On NBA star Kobe Bryant: "I do not like him. He is a bad boy. He has many, many girlfriends, no?"

Sorry. I’d have to ask his wife.

On the number of people here compared to the U.S.: "You know about rule where Chinese can only have one child per family?"


"I hear that is not rule in United States, that some families have as many as five children. It is perfect place, the United States."

Kids. They’re so darn gullible.