Postcard from London: Yeoman's work at Tower of London

I want to be this guy. He's a Yeoman Warder. He gets to wear a really cool costume, which was developed in 1856. It also costs close to $10,000, so I'm sure he is very careful not to spill anything on it.

He and 34 other Yeoman Warders give tours all day at the Tower of London. They get to talk in a funny way while screaming about all that inhabits the fortress that William the Conqueror had built in the 1070s. It used to imprison the most dangerous offenders to the crown.

The Crown Jewels are housed inside the grounds. You can't take any pictures of them. The British just don't understand this postcard business of ours.

Yeoman Warders must have at least 22 years of military service and be between 40 and 55 years old. They even have their own pub within the fortress -- the Yeoman Warders Club. I'm guessing this guy has spent a few nights there. Cheers to him.

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