Make your ears happy with these CDs

Three new CDs out today that you need:

Sweet Apple, “The Golden Age of Glitter”: Cobra Verde barroom bon vivant John Petkovic heads up this super supergroup, which also features J. Mascis and guest spots from Bob Pollard and Mark Lanegan on their latest collection of candy-, sweat- and, yes, glitter-coated rock ’n’ roll. You’ll be humming these tunes in the shower tomorrow.

SOHN, “Tremors”: Gorgeous, heart-in-a-vice electronica from British producer Christopher Taylor. The album was recorded at night and possesses a hushed, understated elegance, as if Taylor was trying not to rouse the neighbors.

King Dude, “Tonight’s Special Death”: Blood-freezing folk that’s both strangely beatific and more haunting than the ghost that lives in your attic. These are the songs you’ll be singing around the campfire on your next wilderness outing with Satan. Don’t miss ’em when they open for Ghost at the House of Blues on April 25.

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