5 albums to celebrate International Day of Happiness

Did you know it was International Day of Happiness?

Me neither.

But, in the spirit of the occasion, here are five albums guaranteed to make you smile:

Apples in Stereo, “The Velocity of Sound”: The rock and roll equivalent of those massive Pixie sticks that earn dentists Porsches, this is sugar-pop perfection voiced by a man, Rob Schneider, who sounds as if he swallowed a rainbow.

MC Hawking, “A Brief History of Rhyme”: Stupid, clever, stupidly clever, this album of pointy-headed hip-hop delivered through a speech synthesizer meant to emulate the voice of physics great Stephen Hawking is ridiculously funny — sample song titles “F!@# Creationists,” “All My Shootings Be Drivebys,” “E=MC Hawkings.” Don’t worry, the real Hawkings has given the project his blessing so you don’t have to feel guilty about laughing. And laugh, you will.

The Beaumonts, “Where Do You Want It?”: The Beaumonts’ tongue-in-cheek honky tonk equates to lots of dopey grins — and drunk and disorderly charges if you follow these songs a bit too literally.

Kvelertak, “Kverlertak”: No idea what these unruly Norsemen are saying here, but these metallic adrenaline bursts are so energetic and fun, we bet it has something to do with pounding brews out of the skulls of vanquished Swedes or something similarly uplifting.

Steel Panther, “Feel the Steel”: These hair metals hedonists will have you in stitches — and your girl in various compromising positions, if you’re not careful.

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