5 thoughts on Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction

Thoughts on Jane’s Addiction’s show at Brooklyn Bowl on Friday (the band returns to the venue on Saturday).

—Somehow, “Ted, Just Admit It” became even more epic. The centerpiece of “Nothing’s Shocking,” Jane’s Addiction’s celebrated second record which they played in its entirety on Friday, “Ted, Just Admit It” was elongated into an incantatory howl. It gradually emerged from a hypnotic, Doors-worthy spell with Dave Navarro’s guitar penetrating the haze like a fog light until raga-like drums ushered the song to its seismic climax. “Tonight, we’re gonna get psychedelic, bay-bee,” Perry Ferrell announced before the song, and the band would spend the next 12 minutes living up to his words.

—The “Fish Pack” was born. For “Idiots Rule,” Jane’s was joined on sax by Fishbone frontman Angelo Moore, who played on the recorded version of the song as well. This led Farrell to dub everyone on stage the “Fish Pack” in reference to the Rat Pack. Moore’s presence added still more funk to one of Jane’s loosest jams.

—Maybe that metal Grammy nomination wasn’t so off base after all. Back in ‘89 when the Grammies debuted their “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” category and Jane’s Addiction was nominated (alongside Metallica, AC/DC, Iggy Pop and Jethro Tull) they were soundly chided by headbangers for being out of touch with the music in question. But maybe they weren’t judging Navarros’ muscular, brutish riffing on “Pigs in Zen” and his even more-over-top soloing on “Had A Dad.” Still no excuse for that Tull win, though.

—Speaking of metal references, Perry pulled a Lemmy on Friday. Last month at Motorhead’s show at The Pearl, frontman Lemmy Kilmister inexplicably botched “Ace of Spades,” the band’s signature tune. Likewise, Ferrell flubbed the second verse of “Jane Says,” one of the group’s most popular songs. At least Ferrell had an excuse: as the empty bottle of tequila he was swinging around attested to, by this point he was drunk. Either way, no matter: “I never strove for perfection any ways,” Farrell said afterwards.

—By the end of the show Farrell’s stage banter was even starting to annoy his bandmates. Farrell’s tongue was as loose as his hips on Friday, with him waxing about the Jacuzzi in hotel room, his love of snowboarding and skateboarding and whatever else came tumbling out of his mouth like a drunk staggering out of a bar room. By the time the band reached the conclusion of their set with “Chip Away,” drummer Stephen Perkins was urging Farrell to stop talking and play the damn song already. Ferrell obliged as a pair of scantily-clad females were suspended from the rafters by hooks in their flesh. To quote the album of the evening: “Nothing’s Shocking.”

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