New tunes from Floor, Old 97’s and Brody Dalle

Three recommended new CDs out today:

Floor, “Oblation”: Before there was Torche, there was Floor, a band posited on many of the same principles: guitars as thick as the Earth’s crust leavened by buoyant pop melodies. With “Oblation,” Floor is back with their first album in a dozen years. It’s worth the wait. And weight.

Old 97’s, “Most Messed Up”: Are they alt-country’s best band? Maybe. Are they its most self-aware? Definitely. This is underscored by “Most Messed Up,” another great record from Old 97’s, who continue to call their shots on songs like “Let’s Get Drunk & Get It On” and “This is the Ballad.”

Brody Dalle, “Diploid Love”: On her second solo record, the former Distillers frontwoman warns you not to mess with her and then demonstrates why: if she’s not attempting to knock heads off shoulders with the curled-lip snarl of “Underworld” she’s treating hearts like punching bags on piano dirge “I Don’t Need Your Love.”

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