The CW’s ‘Famous in 12’: TV officially surrenders

Referring to a miserable excuse for a reality show as a “social experiment” is a bit like calling what your dog does in the park an “expulsion of unneeded materials.”

In both cases, the end result still stinks.

“Famous in 12” (8 p.m. Tuesday, KVCW-TV, Channel 33) takes a family willing to do whatever it takes to become celebrities, then delivers its members to the TMZ offices to see whether Harvey Levin and his gang of monsters can do just that in 12 weeks.

Various family members model, sing, dance and DJ. One proclaims herself to be “the world’s sexiest virgin.” The matriarch of the clan identifies herself as “the first and only erotic writer bold enough to pose for the cover of her own book.”

The official description of the show that celebrates at least half of everything that’s wrong with the world is below. And, if your gag reflexes haven’t yet left you writhing on the floor, check out the preview.

From The CW: “There is a family in the U.S. that has what it takes to become famous. The question is: can they pull it off in 12 weeks? That’s the challenge in this unique social experiment that tracks the lives of one determined family as they move to the entertainment capital of the world — Los Angeles — and seek fame while being filmed around the clock for 12 weeks straight. Members of the family all have unique talents, and they will be guided by Harvey Levin and the TMZ machine, which will create a series of opportunities for them. Family members will also be constantly tracked via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to build their social media profiles. This information will be analyzed by the show’s ‘Star Power Meter’ each week.