Some thoughts on the Nine Inch Nails-Soundgarden tour

A few quick thoughts of the recently announced Nine Inch Nails-Soundgarden co-headlining tour, which launches in Las Vegas at Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort on July 19:

— I remember Nine Inch Nails’ “The Downward Spiral” and Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” coming out on the same day in March of ’94. Soundgarden debuted at No. 1, followed by NIN. Twenty years later, both records hold up as the most complete album in each of their catalogs.

— Soundgarden is performing “Superunknown” in entirety on this tour, and perhaps the coolest thing about that is the chance to hear the rarely played “Limo Wreck,” a great tune that often gets overlooked simply because there were so many other hits on the record.

— If NIN is going to get in on the act and air a seldom-performed tune from “The Downward Spiral,” how about “Big Man With a Gun”? Yeah, the lyrics are pretty banal, but the song’s message is as timely as ever and it remains one of NIN’s most assaultive tunes.

— Speaking of assaultive, it will be a kick to see how awesomely in-your-face, noise-hop show openers Death Grips go over with the crowd. They absolutely demand a response, even if it’s one as confrontational as their sound.

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