5 TV shows besides ‘Veronica Mars’ that are being resurrected

“The Walking Dead” and ABC’s “Resurrection” aren’t the only zombie shows in town.

There are plenty of TV series that are among the walking dead themselves.

Now that you’ve seen the “Veronica Mars” movie, here’s a look at five other canceled TV shows that have come back to live another day:

1) “24”: Subtitled “Live Another Day,” Fox’s 12-part event series debuting May 5 will once again find Jack Bauer uncovering moles, torturing anything that moves and yelling at Chloe. Only this time, he’ll be doing it in London.

2) “Heroes”: The series that redefined television, for about two-thirds of its first season anyway, is also being reborn as a miniseries. The 13-part “Heroes Reborn” is scheduled for sometime in 2015 on NBC.

3) “Entourage”: Remember that “Entourage” movie that producer Mark Wahlberg has been threatening to make since, well, forever? It’s finally shooting, with Vinnie, E, Turtle, Drama and the gang due in movie theaters June 2, 2015.

4) “Drop Dead Diva”: You don’t have to wait nearly as long to check out the revived legal drama. But it won’t be around much longer. Lifetime canceled it, renewed it, then canceled it again. The final-for-real-this-time season debuts at 9 p.m. Sunday.

5) “The Killing”: This may be the ultimate dead show walking. AMC canceled the murder-mystery drama after its second season, renewed it for a third season, then canceled it again after that season before Netflix simultaneously renewed it and canceled it a third time by ordering a six-episode final season expected to debut sometime later this year.