Video ad for new hotel nightclub seems Cosmo-ish, yes?

Businesses need a unique or unusual brand name that stands out. That’s why The Hotel was a challenged choice, as a trademark attorney once told me, because if someone in London Googles “The Hotel,” they’re probably not going to quickly find Vegas’ The Hotel but rather a jillion other hotels.

The sbe company is putting together LiFE nightclub concept (that’s correct, LiFE) for a premiere in the new SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on Labor Day weekend. Is LiFE an easy Google? We’ll see if it matters.

LiFE is, the company says, a “20,000-square-foot immersive experience featuring a rooftop pool,” where “the essence of the party is its people and for a sneak peek of what to expect, check out a video preview.”

The video on the company blog reminds me of Cosmopolitan’s ads, sort of but not really. But who am I to judge? It is a pretty OCD ad.