Fruitcake recipe uses graham crackers, but no flour

Two readers responded to a query from Loisanne Madden, who is looking for a recipe from the Chicago Sun-Times for a fruitcake made with graham crackers but no flour.

Yolanda Gentile found a 1948 recipe on the paper’s website; Bob Wood sent in his mother’s recipe. Here they are:

1 pound candied cherries, quartered

1 pound candied pineapple, chopped

1 pound figs, chopped

1 pound white raisins

1 pound graham cracker crumbs

1 pound dates, chopped

1 cup whiskey, rum or brandy

1 cup whipping cream, not whipped

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Press down firmly in loaf pan. Allow to stand in refrigerator before cutting. The longer the cake stands, the firmer the cake becomes.

3 packages graham crackers, crushed

1 cup walnut pieces

1 cup dates, chopped

1 cup raisins

1 cup small marshmallows

Juice of 3 oranges, or about 1 cup orange juice

Mix together and pack into dish. Cover with foil. Let it sit in the refrigerator for a week to 10 days before eating. If it gets too dry, poke holes in the foil, pour a little more orange juice over the top and let it stand for a few days. …

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For Peter Schneider, she reported finding kohlrabi at Smith’s at 9851 W. Charleston Blvd.

And Beth Stefano saw it at Albertsons at 10140 W. Flamingo Road, adding: “The produce manager at that Albertsons is great and extremely helpful. He is willing to order things for you and is very reliable.” …

For Dusty McClendon, who is looking for a variety of dried beans, Cindy Ferguson reported finding cranberry beans at the Fresh &Easy Neighborhood Market at 7752 N. El Capitan Way, and Ann Brown found cranberry and appaloosa beans at Whole Foods Market at 8855 W. Charleston Blvd.

There are three other Whole Foods stores and many other Fresh &Easy stores in the valley.

And the Jensens at Village Meats &Wine, 5025 S. Eastern Ave., said they carry a large variety of dried beans and lentils, and soup mixes with dried beans in them. …

More on pappardelle: Barbara Caliva emailed that she found it in the international-food section at Cost Plus World Market, which has stores at 2151 N. Rainbow Blvd. and 3890 Blue Diamond Road. …

In response to a request from Marilyn Taylor, Karen A. Parrish emailed that Better Made potato chips are not available locally, but they are available from the company’s website at (800-332-2394). READER REQUESTS

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And Nell Ward is looking for Smucker’s Peanut Butter (without jelly) and chicken or turkey necks or chicken breast bones, for making dog food.


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