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They’ll take Manhattan (clam chowder, that is)

Clam chowder is clam chowder is clam chowder? Not if you’re a fan of one type or another — but not both — and prefer either the creamy-white New England style or tomato-y-red Manhattan. It’s the latter that Shirley Bruss is seeking, and her fellow Taste of the Town readers have several suggestions for her.

Taste of the Town: Readers help point a path to potato pancakes

If you’re a fan of potato pancakes, you understand why they could become a point of symbolism in a classic novel such as Erich Maria Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front” — and why Taste of the Town reader Marion Hennings is looking for them. In typical fashion, her fellow readers have tips to report.

Taste of the Town: Readers come through with broasted chicken sites

For Carole LaRocca, who’s looking for broasted chicken on the east side of the valley, we’ve got nothin’ beyond the previously reported Chilly Jilly’z at 1680 Nevada Highway in Boulder City, which is south, but also sort of east. But for other searchers, Roberta Shulman and Evelyn Laurie reported that the St. Tropez Buffet at the Suncoast, 9090 Alta Drive, serves broasted chicken.