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Jewelry maker got into hobby at age of 60

Darel Georges of Sun City Summerlin always made it a point to know the intricacies of machines. He brought his infatuation to Las Vegas in 1958, but he didn't know anything about making jewelry until some 23 years ago, when, at the age of 60, he became fascinated by the machinery used to create gold and silver rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other fine pieces.

VA clinics to boost care for valley's veterans

Approximately 1,200 veterans receive health care each week at the Veterans Administration's new Northwest Clinic, 3968 N. Rancho Drive, which has a staff of 64 physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. The VA's other three clinics, appropriately located, will be similar in size, providing comparable amenities.

Summerlin pivotal in city's renaissance

The blueprint for Las Vegas of the future has been in forward motion for quite some time, irrespective of the unyielding economic meltdown. Re-creation of downtown Las Vegas, which continues to move rapidly, is a principal step in the overall process. But that's followed by plans for expansion and growth.

City says Summerlin Parkway widening indefinitely on the back burner

Among the grandiose highway plans that teetered and collapsed in so short a time was one that would have widened the 6-mile stretch of Summerlin Parkway from two to four lanes each way. The reasoning was simple, at least it was five years ago, when money was synonymous with confetti, to open up vast areas of the western sector of Summerlin for development and greater economic growth.

Summerlin far from immune to foreclosure crisis

You don't need a doctorate in quantum philosophy to understand how disastrous the housing foreclosure problem is in Las Vegas. All you have to do is drive around any residential neighborhood to see the signs that not only say "for sale" but the more ominous "bank owned" or "in foreclosure." Of course this is due to the fact that Nevada leads the nation in the percentage of home foreclosures. And, just as sadly for those among us who prefer to believe that Summerlin is immune to such disasters, take note that our community is equally susceptible to the dangers of this crisis. Foreclosure notices dot the Summerlin landscape to the same extent that they do anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Summerlin sees crime drop despite sluggish economy

One of the more noteworthy occurrences during the present economic upheaval is reflected by a continuing reduction in crime for the first quarter of this year in Summerlin, northwest Las Vegas and, for that matter, the entire city. The total crime index is down 32 percent from five years ago, and that was just prior to the start of the economic slide.