New target in Culinary organizing fight with Station Casinos; banning UFC toys

Culinary Workers Local 226 has targeted Ultimate Fighting Championship in the union’s ongoing effort to organize a large number of workers at Station Casinos.

Brothers Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta are majority owners of both the casino giant and the ultra-popular mixed martial arts organization.

The Culinary’s efforts have kept UFC events from being sanctioned in New York and the union has waged a public relations campaign against the organization, including attempts to keep certain fighters from appearing on televised UFC programs.

Now, according to the MMA-website, the Culinary is petitioning the chief executive officer of Toys R Us to pull UFC-related toys from the company’s shelves.


What’s next? Will the union petition department stores to stop carrying merchandise from the Tapout clothing line?

We at Inside Gaming would clearly understand if the Culinary wanted to ban action figures depicting UFC boss Dana White. We survived the Mayan Apocalypse, but talking Dana White dolls might be a bit much. (This was an attempt at humor, Dana).

Obviously, someone at the Culinary has way too much time their hands.

Dana White


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