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Jack Sheehan

Vegas' future full of 'highly likely' events

Certainty belongs only to youth. My two children are teenagers now, at an age where they are starting to have doubts about the bigger questions in life, but it was just a few short years ago that my daughter, Lily, would say: “I’m positive, Dad. It’s a one hundred percent sure thing.”

Compensated via students' success stories

I don’t know how many times back then I heard the tired phrase, “Teaching is its own reward.” This phrase is most often uttered by those who are underpaying teachers. Or if the aforementioned skinflints wanted to rationalize why teachers are so poorly paid, they might pull out this ancient George Bernard Shaw slight: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

SHEEHAN: These people made Las Vegas great

Seeing as most Las Vegans have lived here less than 15 years, it’s time to conduct a history tutorial. One way of doing this is to compile a top-10 list of the most important people over the past 50 or so years.

Education must be No. 1 priority

I’m starting this month’s column with a story and then offering an opinion. As you might know if you’ve read this column on occasion, I prefer stories to opinions, because everyone will give you an opinion and not everyone will give you a story. But I received an email recently from a reader who said that while she enjoyed my stories, she was interested in hearing more of my opinions.

It's hot, but it could be much worse

Several million people migrate to Las Vegas each year for a long weekend in search of it. We certainly have more than our share, and there’s no question our local economy has endured through the decades in large part because of it. We brag about it, we sell it, and we’re famous for it.

A brazen search for O.J.'s murder weapon

As the mesmerizing scene in the men's locker room of an ultra-exclusive Los Angeles country club was slowly unraveling before my eyes, I couldn't help but think of the television special that had aired eight years before. Many of you might remember the night when Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's secret vault to a live audience of some 30 million viewers. But do you recall what he found inside? Only clouds of dirt and a few empty bottles.

No one ran harder, faster through Vegas

I'm seated across from a darkly handsome man in his early 60s. We are on the patio of a municipal golf course in Mesa, Ariz. It's late June, and the temperature is 114. We are outside because I don't want innocent golfers settling their $2 bets at the sandwich bar to overhear our conversation.