Harry Reid is the brunt of the joke ... again

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn't faring well with two television political satirists, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

In June, Stewart handed Reid an unusual distinction, calling him his "worst guest" after Reid was on his show last year promoting his autobiography “The Good Fight.”

It was painful to watch as Reid smiled a lot, but said little in response to Stewart’s ripostes in what seemed like a never-ending interview.

Then on Tuesday’s “Colbert Report,” Nevada’s own Reid was the punch line in a joke about President Barack Obama’s 48th birthday.

Colbert set it up saying, Obama “celebrated over a working lunch with Senate Democrats. At least he thought it was a working lunch, until they wheeled out the birthday cake.“

The visual joke: A photo-shopped photo of a topless Reid, at about 1:20 into the show, wearing only pasties, grinning in delight and popping out of a cake, while Obama throws his hand up.

“That will haunt his dreams,” Colbert said, presumably referring to the president.

Actually, it may haunt the dreams of anyone who saw it.

But then, being mocked on national television is a sign you’ve made the big time. Isn’t that what it means?


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