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Heck calls for shift in drug war funding

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck didn’t surprise me when he opposed state Sen. Tick Segerblom’s idea that a pharmaceutical company should turn over the names of doctors suspected of overprescribing the painkillers it manufactured.

Bold defense in 'Slumdog Billionaire' case

With video and audio recordings showing Dr. Vinay Bararia selling drugs to undercover agents in the Centennial Hills Hospital parking lot and outside a bar across the street, a jury seems likely to find him guilty.

Raiding reserve to pay police sets bad precedent

Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager was correct. Sheriff Doug Gillespie can dip into an estimated $136 million reserve to come up with $30 million needed to save 250 police officers’ jobs. Legally, he can do it. But Gillespie is right, too.

Commissioners do right thing by relinquishing control of UMC

Relinquishing power isn’t easy, especially for Clark County commissioners. But after 10 years of resistance, the current board has come around and agreed to delegate most of the power of governing University Medical Center of Southern Nevada to an appointed hospital board.

Corrupt charities help veterans in name only

Some time back, my father wanted to give a car to a charity that advertised it helped veterans. I checked it out and it wasn’t legit. But it enraged me to know that people take advantage of patriotism to con those who served in the military. How sleazy.

After the cookie claim crumbles

I dare not show my face at the Red Velvet Cafe after outing Chef Aneesha Tolani’s claim that her cookies were a minuscule 27 calories, instead of the 157 calories an independent analysis showed.