Analysts continue to wonder about Stone’s future at LV Sands

There’s no question Las Vegas Sands Vice President Brad Stone plays an integral role in the company. His presence at LVS is magnified since the recent departure of President William Weidner.

Sheldon Adelson is the chairman and majority stockholder, and he made it clear in an interview Monday that he’s the boss, but it’s Stone who may well be in a make-or-break position with Sands.

As quoted on the BusinessWeek Web site, J.P. Morgan’s Joseph Greff wrote in a client note: "While we don't know, nor would we speculate about Stone's employment status, we do believe investors are appropriately concerned about Stone's continued employment given his significant contribution to Las Vegas Sands' efforts in Macau and more recently, in the construction of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, a key driver of the longer term growth story for the company.”  It seems to me that's a polite way of saying Las Vegas Sands may yet falter with Stone on the job, but it will surely sink like one without him.

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