The Ensign Affair: With defenders like these …

It’s bad enough Sen. John Ensign held a “press conference” Tuesday to acknowledge his affair but take no questions.

That’s pure political cowardice. And it is sure to backfire.

Now we are being subjected to his brain-dead defenders, who contort themselves like circus acrobats to attempt to make Ensign look like he’s more than a fake who only coughed up a public confession because he was apparently being squeezed behind the scenes.

“Norm” writes in: “I don't intend to defend the Senator for his actions, but he did not ‘nail’ a subordinate as you stated. The woman in question did not work for his Senate staff, and was not a government employee, but rather someone who worked for his fundraising committees and campaign team. This is quite different than what you made it seem. As a reporter, I would think that you understand the difference and keep the facts straight.”

Who can argue with that empty sense of logic? With friends like Norm, Ensign should start pricing moving van rentals.