A FISTFUL OF TRIAL BALLOONS: How about these political matchups?

  A Tuesday morning e-mailer raised the idea of somehow drafting highly regarded and entirely unindicted former Clark County Bruce Woodbury to run against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Woodbury served with quiet distinction for two decades on a governmental board that distinguished itself by being one of the most corrupt in the community’s history.

  While that alone isn’t enough to carry the unassuming Republican into the ring against fellow LDS church member Reid, there’s no doubt in my mind he’d be heralded in GOP circles if he decided to take on Nevada’s reigning Democratic champion.

  Congressman Dean Heller’s name continues to be floated as a potential Reid challenger. Frankly, Reid should like that matchup.

  And lately, I keep hearing the hot air that the next governor or successor to Reid will need to come “from a business background.” It’s a recurrent theme in politics, especially Republican Party politics, that when your farm team fails you the next best move is to go into the business community and warm up a rich guy.

  But those business guys rarely succeed and often spend millions to give their egos a workout before crashing and burning on Election Day.

  Why, wasn’t it just a few months ago that Sun Publisher Brian Greenspun was touting the many qualities of former MGM boss Terry Lanni and boosting him for the governor’s office? And Lanni didn’t even live in Las Vegas.

  The name of former Harrah’s Entertainment top executive Phil Satre, of late on the boards of Sierra Pacific Resources and International Game Technology, is floated by those who like to work the “business of government is business” theme.

  R-J Publisher Sherman Frederick's name has also been floated, but I think my boss has more sense than that.

  You do, don't you, boss?

  And on it goes.

  Of course, now there's no shortage of Republicans lining up to challenge Gov. Jim Gibbons, a fellow Republican. It's not only a sign that Gibbons is politically anemic, but also an indication of how anxious the GOP is as it searches for its new identity both in state and nationally.

  Tell me what you’ve been hearing and what political matchups intrigue you.

  I'm not much of a "fantasy" sports league guy, but these imaginary ballgames might turn into something.

  Let the draft begin.