Gans gave back to Las Vegas

  Danny Gans, who died of unknown causes at his home early Friday at age 52, liked to talk about how good Las Vegas was to him. Whenever he was in public, he rarely passed up a chance to thank the town that helped make him a star as an impersonator and all-around entertainer.

  What I liked about Gans was his willingness to give back to the community, to make appearances and endure a little heart-felt adulation for charity. You'd be surprised how many big Strip entertainers can't stand the thought of mixing with the unwashed. Clint Holmes and Lance Burton arguably led the Las Vegas league in most appearances, but Gans made the scene on many occasions.

  That kindness will always be appreciated by those who benefited from his willingness to give of his time, which as we are reminded today is life's most precious commodity.