Heck's clean-cut image needs to extend to his namesake

Nevada Rep. Joe Heck has crafted a clean-cut political image. Now he should get to work on his teenage namesake.

Congressman Heck has spent part of this week apologizing for his 16-year-old son’s blatantly racist and insensitive remarks delivered via Twitter, the website BuzzFeed first reported.

“I am extremely disappointed in my son’s use of offensive and inappropriate language on Twitter: That type of language has never been permitted in our home,” Heck said. “I apologize to everyone he may have offended. My son also apologizes for his insensitive behavior. My wife and I have addressed this family matter directly with him, and he has learned from it.”

From the look of the kid’s nasty remarks about our African-American president, women, Mexicans and gays, the Republican congressman needs to do more than address the issue. No word yet on whether Joey Heck has lost his phone privileges or had his Twitter account washed out with soap.

NEW SUPER: There’s no truth to the rumor Las Vegas school children will have to learn to spell new Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky’s name to graduate.

But the 25-year educator and administrator in Clark County did have a laugh about it earlier this week during a Review-Journal editorial board meeting.

“I have staff members that can’t even spell my name right,” Skorkowsky quipped.

Pronouncing it properly has also eluded some folks. For the record, it’s pronounced, “Score-cow-ski.”

Any way you spell it, Skorkowsky has just embarked on the biggest assignment of his career.

HE SAID IT: During his interview Skorkowsky offered, “The bottom line is, my focus has been on what’s best for the people in the schools every day. … I will tell you that my work ethic and my reputation will go forward as to being nonstop. It will not slow down. We will not slow down on any of the efforts that we’re putting forward. We’re not going to slow down for gains.”

During her June 4 introduction of Skorkowsky via the district’s website, School Board President Carolyn Edwards didn’t utter the name of his predecessor. You know, the one who was discovered through a national search.

Edwards said in part, “When our former superintendent left the district to take care of family concerns in March, we felt the uncertainty in our community, especially among parents and staff members. We heard your message. Our community wants a leader who continues to push for more academic rigor and individualized student interventions. You want a superintendent who unites us and improves morale. You are happy with the progress we have made together, and you don’t want to lose any momentum.”

MOUNTAIN COPS: With the recent retirement of veteran officer Al Gibson, there’s more turnover inside Metro’s versatile substation at Mount Charleston. Last year, Sgt. Eric Fricker and Officer Steve Eichberger also retired.

On the mountain, Metro is tasked with balancing small-town community policing with a weekly crush of visitors and traffic to the popular picnic and sledding spot.

Throw in an occasional snow rescue and wild-land fire, and the duty can be anything but idyllic.

LV FOLLIES: It turns out not all the hot chicks will be poolside this Father’s Day weekend. Some will be on stage at the Las Vegas Follies on Saturday and Sunday at the Starbright Theater in Sun City Summerlin.

With the theme “Las Vegas Follies Goes to the Movies,” the Rich Rizzo Dancers range in ages from 55 to 80. You can save the canes and orthopedic shoes jokes. I hear these ladies still have plenty of moves left.

Information on times and tickets: 240-1301.

ON THE BOULEVARD: “American Coin: A True Story of Betrayal, Gambling and Murder in Las Vegas,” the late Frank Romano’s insider’s account of one of the biggest slot-rigging scams in Las Vegas history, is an intriguing read.

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