KING DAY PARADE: From the corner of Gass Ave. and 4th St.

GOING POSTAL: Your U.S. Postal Service employees have the day off due to the holiday, but dozens of them in uniform walked the parade. Approximately 60 postal workers in all, I’m told.

Hey, they’re used to walking. This is no big deal for them.

“Postmaster, supervisor, letter carriers, everyone,” Barbara Hull says as she walks along with fellow letter carrier Larry Coles.

COMING TOGETHER: Plumber Jimmy Grover is usually working at this time of day, but he could miss seeing his daughter, T’onna, appear in the parade as part of the sparkling group of children from Kermit Booker Elementary School.

He’s proud of how far the country has come, but he says, “I really don’t think it’s a race thing. I really think is something that people just coming together more. Not looking at this side and that side. It’s just like Martin Luther King said, we’ve just go to come together.”