At least some sharp money flows toward Hatton upset


  Just about every expert ringside observer sees Manny Pacquiao as the clear favorite in his challenge of junior welterweight champ Ricky Hatton tonight in Las Vegas. For sports-page readers and boxing aficionados, it's a no-brainer.

  Pacquiao punched Oscar De La Hoya like a 50-cent subway ticket in their fight, and that has obviously left a big impression with the
fight world.

  But now several sources have confirmed there’s substantial late money coming in on Hatton from some professional bettors, who
obviously are intrigued by the warrior’s substantial underdog status. (He’s +200 and better depending on your book, and even the British books reflect this.)

  Why are they taking a shot? First, there’s value. But theoretical value won’t buy you a cup of coffee in the sports betting world. A
three-legged thoroughbred might have value at 1,000-1, but only an idiot would break out his bankroll.

  Hatton is different. He’s fast enough to catch up to Manny P, and he’s relentless (unlike Oscar). Like his opponent, Hatton is also in
great shape.

  It's nothing to bet the mortgage on, but it’s something to think about as fight night approaches.