MORNING LINE: Pellicano’s wings clipped

  Tough-talking Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano on Monday caught a 15-year sentence for crimes related to illegal wiretapping on behalf of his high-dollar clients.

  This is federal time we’re talking about. He’ll have to serve nearly 14 years. And he’s already served more than two years for an illegal weapons charge.

  Now let’s see if Mr. Omerta keeps his mouth shut. I am guessing Pellicano, at left, who is 64, is going to receive help from some impeccably skilled attorneys on his appeal. Money will be no object since he probably won't be paying. There’s no question in my mind he protected clients who were willing to hire him to break the law.

  And there’s no telling how many high-priced bulldog Hollywood attorneys he ran interference for — not to mention Pellicano’s occasional Las Vegas clients and contacts. You don’t think their names will finally come to light now, do you? One can only hope.

  Perhaps the best part of this conviction is that it provides such vindication and hopefully some closure for Anita Busch, the former Los Angeles Times reporter harassed in 2002 by Pellicano’s minions after she wrote critical articles about agent Michael Ovitz. Busch was harassed by outsiders and suffered from skeptical eyes from inside the Times.

  It would be a fitting end if Busch sends an imprisoned Pellicano  a dead fish and wilting rose.