VINNY VIDI VICI: Rick’s cuts loose Faraci

  Rick’s Cabaret boss Eric Langan swore he loved Vincent Faraci despite the reputed Bonanno crime family member’s felon status and connection to the Crazy Horse Too scandal.

  Well, how can I put this politely?

  Don’t let Langan handle your baggage. He might drop it once the lifting gets heavy.

  Faraci, 53, was let go from his management position earlier this week after stories that questioned his hiring hit the press. Rick’s Cabaret is part of a publicly traded company.

  Faraci’s attorney David Chesnoff declined to confirm that his client was looking for work again, but he did say, “He just wants to earn a living and feed his children.”

  When word of Faraci’s hire surfaced, Langan defended his decision to bring the experienced but controversial topless club manager under Rick’s roof.

  “We’re aware of his background,” Langan told me recently. “He’s been cleared by the sheriff’s department to work in Las Vegas.”

  He added, “He worked at the same place 21 years. He had some tax issues there. It’s not an issue with us. We pay our people with paychecks and issue W2s, not cash, like Rick did at the Crazy Horse.

  “He was involved with an owner who set up a system that the IRS didn’t like. We’re a publicly traded company. Vinny doesn’t even touch cash in our business.”

  Langan also said Faraci enjoyed the respect of a number of casino marketing executives and managers.

  That sound you hear is those casino licensees scattering.