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Nevada’s kids need their own state song

We have “Home Means Nevada,” but with much of the state’s population in urban Southern Nevada, where the only “silvery rills” are in the fountains of Bellagio and Caesars Palace, maybe an official song for children is what Nevada’s youngsters need to prepare them for the challenges of surviving in the Silver State.

Santa Fe mayor finds fresh ideas here

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales realizes the question might jar the senses of some folks. What can Santa Fe, with its 400-year history and renowned artistic sensibility, possibly learn from gaudy and frenetic downtown Las Vegas?

Eyebrows rise as Uber-cab case bounces

The ghosts of the Las Vegas cab racket past must have had a good chuckle. The state’s current corporate taxi service licensees surely smiled as well. Call it a fortuitous turn of events at the Washoe County Courthouse.