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Nonprofit works to repair credibility

Workforce Connections isn’t like most agencies. Each year it shepherds millions in federal dollars to local job training and related service providers, then has the task of holding those recipients to account for the funding.

Las Vegas stagehand had his moment — as a corpse

The pleasant and unassuming Tim Redsull, a union stagehand by trade, was depicted playing the most notorious corpse in Las Vegas mob history on the set of Martin Scorsese’s gangster epic “Casino.” He was a stand-in — or a lay-down to be more precise — for Joe Pesci’s “Nicky Santoro” character in the movie.

Downtown churches upset with Life is Beautiful

Rehan Chaudhry’s Life Is Beautiful festival is scheduled to hit downtown Oct. 24-26 with an all-star lineup of singers and chefs. Last year’s roaring celebration of music, food and art attracted an estimated 60,000 revelers, who no doubt enjoyed themselves but easily overran hundreds of local churchgoers in the area.