Are some in the media being a bit less than objective today?

Somebody had to say it, and who better than the guy who covers press coverage inside the Beltway for the Washington Post, Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz's column in today's Post points out something almost lost in all the adulation and superlatives accompanying the inauguration of Barack Obama.

"Every inauguration is a major media moment, with nonstop television coverage," Kurtz writes, "newspapers churning out special editions and correspondents parachuting in from around the globe. But it is hard to envision this level of intensity if John McCain were taking the oath of office. All the hoopla has left the impression that many in journalism are thrilled by Obama's swearing-in"

Kurtz asks later in the piece, "At what point does the recognition of Obama's gifts and this juncture in history spill over into partisan adulation? Some journalists justify the ebullient tone by arguing that Obama is simply more fascinating than most politicians, as well as a trailblazer following 43 white presidents. Others say they are merely reflecting a public groundswell. Still others say Obama moves product when he's on TV shows and magazine covers."

Obama sells.

About the time I was reading these words by Kurtz, Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer were gushing on television.

Schieffer actually said, "The best of presidents seem to come along in the worst of times."

I wonder if he felt a thrill going up his leg?