Arrest Childress for assault on Busch

Richard Childress did not fight Kyle Busch.

Richard Childress assaulted Kyle Busch. That’s what you call it when one person attacks another.

It’s nothing new for Childress: He’s an avid big-game hunter and is used to one-way fights where you sneak up and attack.

The incident occurred in the garage area of Kansas Speedway after Saturday’s NASCAR truck series race. Busch finished sixth and battled with Joey Coulter on the final laps. Coulter, who was fifth, drives a truck owned by Childress.

A member of another truck team told the Charlotte Observer that Childress took off his jewelry before approaching Busch in the garage area and struck him with his fist. The two were separated, traded insults and then Childress grabbed Busch in a headlock and struck him again before the incident was broken up. The crew member said Childress initiated the incident.

Again, that’s assault by Childress not some manly act.

Nearly as criminal as Childress’ actions was NASCAR not kicking him out of the track for the weekend and suspending him.

Were Childress and NASCAR president Mike Helton not longtime buddies any owner, driver or crew member who did what Childress did would have been tossed.

Or arrested.

The outcome is embarrassing for Childress and NASCAR.

Busch did nothing to deserve the premeditated assault. If he had, NASCAR would have done something to punish him especially because he’s on probation for defending himself from the recent attempted assault by Kevin Harvick, one of Childress’ drivers.

Helton said Sunday that Busch didn't violate his probation during the incident Saturday night.

Busch "did nothing that would have warranted the actions of Richard Childress," said Helton, who declined to discuss details of what occurred.

Nearly as appalling as what Childress did and NASCAR didn’t have been the comments on various websites lauding what Childress did.

This is very sad for NASCAR.

Somehow the victim is being blamed.

This is a very embarrassing time for NASCAR.