CES: Photo sharing, power on the go and finding a good read

More from showstoppers from Wednesday night at the International Consumer
Electronics Show:

• Memeo

Photo sharing just got a whole lot easier. Memeo Share lets you put your
photos on the desktops of family and friends. It doesn’t use e-mail, but
instead transfers the pictures automatically after you set up your sharing

Once your pictures are loaded into your photo management program (Apple’s
iPhoto, for example) you select which ones to share and drag them into a
widow on the Memeo program. They are transferred automatically to their
destination computers. There are free and paid versions of the software.
You can share and store up to 1 gigabyte of photos in the free version.
The free version good for getting a taste of the product; there are no
credit cards and no trial periods.

The paid version costs $4.95 a month, and gives you unlimited storage. You
can also order prints and other photo products in the beta Memeo store,
which just started.

Memeo can put photos and videos anywhere — PCs, Macs, iPhones, smartphones
and even Facebook.

• Phanfare Photon

This is another robust photo sharing site, but directed squarely at the
iPhone. It lets users upload photos from their phones or computers and
share them automatically. It works with Apple’s iPhoto and Aperture,
Google’s Picasa and Adobe Systems’ Photoshop Lightroom to upload photos and
videos to your account.

Users you’ve targeted who have the application on their iPhones will
receive the photos and videos automatically. You can also download a
Phanfare desktop screensaver, which will pop your pictures into grandma’s
desktop, making an ever-changing picture frame.

There’s a free trial at the Apple App Store that gives you 1 gigabyte of
storage. The service and software cost $54.95 a year and include unlimited

• PowerStick by Ecosol
This device lets you charge your mobile phone, personal digital assistant
or portable music player through your computer’s universal serial bus port.
The device, which retails for $59, comes with nine different tips that fit
most devices in use today.

• Energizer Solar Charger
With the relentlessness of their famously energetic pink bunny, the
Energizer folks keep rolling out new products at CES. This year the battery
company is showing a solar-powered charger for AA and AAA batteries. The
gadget which won’t be available until this summer, is set to sell for
around $50.

• Short Covers

This site’s slogan is “Find your next great read” and officials bill it as
the “iTunes for books” and “the Kindle killer.” Both are hefty claims, but
at first glance, this online bookstore and more has a lot of potential. I
got the tour and found much more than a place to buy books.

The site will offer free downloads of the first chapters of more than
200,000 books and downloads of complete versions of 40,000 books in the
public domain. The site will also link to relevant content from newspapers,
magazines, other books and Web sites to help users learn more about topics
of their choosing.

The service will be free, with payment for full downloads or purchases of
hard-copy books. It is scheduled to debut at the end of this month.